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HCG Drops vs. HCG Injections – Which Is Better?

You’ve probably heard of the HCG diet, it isn’t really a new diet. In fact it has been around for about 50 years. Dr. Simeons discovered that the hormone produced by pregnant women, to make sure the fetus receives nutrition, can also help regular people burn up abnormal fat levels while on a low calorie diet. You may also know that the safe HCG hormone can be taken through injections or orally in a homeopathic formula. So which is better? Which way is more effective? Do they both produce the same results, or does one way help you lose weight faster?

When this diet method was originally created it was setup for injection only and a doctor or clinic would administer daily injections along with a strict diet protocol. The results were incredible! People would usually lose anywhere from a half a pound up to 3 pounds a day while using this diet. Within the last few years a homeopathic formula of oral HCG drops, also known as sublingual HCG drops, has been developed. These drops can be taken orally about 3 times a day and although this method uses a diluted formula of HCG it has proven to be just as effective as the injections.

Cost Comparison

INJECTIONS:  HCG injections are usually associated with a fairly expensive price. They typically run anywhere from $400 – $600 per cycle, and people who need to lose 40 pounds or more may have to go through 2 cycles. That can really add up especially if you need two cycles.

DROPS:  The HCG drops typically run anywhere from $90 – $120 per cycle. Anyone can see that the homeopathic HCG drops are a much better value. Another good thing about the drops is that many online companies that sell the drops offer 30 day money back guarantees which aren’t available with the HCG injections.

Ease Of Use

INJECTIONS:  One thing that is important to people when starting a new weight loss program is whether or not it is easy to stick with and convenient for their lifestyle. The injections usually need to be administered by a doctor or a nurse at a clinic. Occasionally you can find an HCG injection program that is setup for home use which would require you to inject yourself. This can be very inconvenient to have to drive to a clinic to get the injections several times a week for many weeks. And you may have to deal with waiting rooms as well which can take precious time out of your day. Injections can also be painful and cause redness or swelling in the area of injection.

DROPS:  The good thing about the HCG drops is that they come in a small 2 oz. dropper bottle, and they don’t need to be refrigerated so you can bring them with you wherever you go. They also are not painful. Most programs require you to take about 10 drops 3 times a day orally. The drops don’t have much of a taste either so they are very simple to use.

Diet Program

INJECTIONS:  One huge mystery in dealing with HCG injections is whether or not the administering clinic includes the comprehensive diet plan that is necessary in order for the HCG to work effectively. Many clinics simply offer the injections and do not include information on how the diet portion works. This leaves the user to basically fend for themselves and find out what is required for the diet on their own. And the diet is crucial for successful weight loss, the HCG alone will not help you lose weight.

DROPS:  The good thing with HCG drops is that they come with a full diet plan explaining every aspect of the diet protocol. Most HCG drop companies also offer excellent support through email, online chats, and through the phone. So any question that does come up can be answered by an HCG diet expert.

Effectiveness & Safety

INJECTIONS:  The HCG injections are effective. They can help you lose those extra pounds and get you back to a healthier lifestyle. They have been around for decades so they have a proven track record. They are also safe and the HCG does not have any harmful side effects. The only concern with the injections is the same concern that comes up anytime you inject yourself and that is that there is always the danger of sticking a needle into your body, and whether or not it is always clean and sterile.

DROPS:  Although the HCG drops have only been around for a few years they have proven to be just as effective as the injections with people losing anywhere from a half pound up to three pounds a day. They are also completely safe with no harmful side effects stemming from the HCG, in fact almost all HCG drops are manufactured in FDA approved laboratories in the USA. The one thing that makes them better than injections in this category is that you don’t have to mess with needles and worry about the needle being sterile.

Overall there are many reasons why the homeopathic HCG drops would be a better option when compared with the HCG injections.  They are more cost effective, easier to use, not painful, they come with a full diet plan, are just as effective as injections and safer.  If you are still interested in the injections you can get more information on HCG injections, click here.  If you would rather go the route of the homeopathic HCG drops we would highly recommend you buy HCG drops here.

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