The HCG Diet is perhaps one of the best diets out there because of the HCG injections that people are given when they are on the diet. These injections are either given to the patient by the doctor that they are going to or the patient themselves can give these injections. So how should a patient given themselves their own injection? The first step is to make sure that they clean off an area with rubbing alcohol in order to make sure that you are not spreading any germs into your blood stream. With the needle you need to pierce the skin and make sure that you are hitting a muscle in which the injection needs to be placed in.

You can inject the medication into yourself either slowly or quickly, it is completely up to you, however, most people find that the quicker that they do it the better since they are going to be able to feel the injection less. And for many people they report that it stings less. However, for those that want to make the pain even less, then they should consider letting the alcohol completely dry on the skin before they pierce it as usually the stinging sensation that they feel is based on the alcohol getting into the skin.

The HCG injections are necessary when you are on the HCG diet since they are the main reason that you may be losing as much weight as you are. However, the person does not have to suffer with the HCG injections. There are many tips that people have given over the years that helps make the injection process go much smoother. For example, the person should make certain that they are rotating the injection site. Usually the person uses the thigh muscles, therefore switch the legs out every other day to have less discomfort. The HCG hormone is refrigerated so you are injecting something cold into your body. To lessen the pain that you feel with the injection, it is recommended that you allow the injection to warm up to room temperature and you are going to feel less of a shock.

Remember when you are giving yourself the injections that you may see some blood on the area that you injected, this is normal. However, you should not see a lot of blood, if you do that means that you have hit the wrong area and not gotten the medication into a muscle.

For those that are struggling to lose weight, then they may think that they are just going to have to just deal with the weight that they have on their bodies. However, there is hope for those that have tried every other kind of diet that is out there. This is the HCG diet, and it is enabling people to lose weight and lost it fast. Even those that have been unable to lose weight on other diets are finding a way to lose the weight that would never come off before. Plus, they are losing the weight in those hard to lose areas, such as the hips, buttocks, abs and chest area. The problem areas for many people who struggle with their weight. But what is it about the diet that makes it so successful?

The main aspects of the diet plan is the calorie intake and the HCG injections. The calorie intake is limited to five hundred calories a day. Which is very low, however with the meal plan that is designated for it, the person is getting the vital food that they need in order to burn the most calories and fat from the body and to keep up the energy of the person so that they simply have nothing. The calorie intake is limited to eating protein, fruit, vegetables and two servings of bread each day that the person is on the diet.

The HCG Injections are probably the reason that so many people that could not lose weight before are losing it now faster than they had thought possible. The reason is that the HCG hormone is telling the body to disperse of the fat so that the person can lose weight. However, there is no reason to fear the HCG since it is something that is found in the body naturally. The person is going to take the injections, and stay on the low calorie diet for 23 days at a time. During this time the person is going to see that they are losing around one pound or more likely three to five pounds each day. Thus, with this being said, the diet plan is for those that are significantly overweight and need to lose the weight in a timely manner.

The success of this diet has been documented in many studies that have been conducted. The person is going to find that people are losing two or more sizes when they are on the diet. And once the 23 day period is up they can go back on the diet to increase their weight loss later down the road.

Many people who decide to do the HCG diet often worry about whether they should be exercising or not since they are on such a low calorie diet. The answer is that they should most definitely be doing some exercise in order to keep their body in good shape and to help build more muscle. Plus, everyone knows that the person that exercises is going to lose more weight than if they simply sit there and do nothing. However, there are a few things that these people on this diet should keep in mind when they are exercising.

For starters since the diet is such low calories, the person should be certain that they are not pushing themselves to hard, or they could end up losing the energy that they do have. For the first few times that the person works out while they are just starting on their diet, they are going to find that they simply lack the energy to finish. However, the best advice that the person can do is to make sure that they are doing the most that they can do and then finish out early as they can. This way they are not having to completely wear themselves out which could just lead to thereon not wanting to workout at all.

The best exercises to do while eon the HCG diet are those that are low impact, such as jogging or walking. However, if you find that this is just not doing it for you can start to do some high impact aerobic workouts, which is going to help the person lose weight even faster. The key is to not push yourself. Strength training is something else that people should consider when they are on the HCG diet. However, they should not be lifting weights in order to become a body builder or anything while on this diet. However, walking with a one pound weight in each hand is a great way to add some resistance to your work out and make it even better.

For those that are a bit hesitant about working out while on such a low calorie diet, they should start small and work their way up. More than likely the doctor is going to outline some ideas that you can use for the exercise routine while on your HCG diet that are going to help to maximize your weight loss throughout the diet. Either way, exercise is a part of any well-balanced diet plan to lose weight.

The HCG diet that has been established by Dr. Simeon’s is sometimes thought to be off limits to those that are vegetarians. However, there are ways that even vegetarians can be on this diet and be successful with how they do it. The main thing about the HCG diet is the HCG hormone injections. Vegetarians should have no fear about injecting this into their bodies since the hormone is something that is found naturally in the body anyway, thus the person should be able to deal with this. The most complaint is going to come from the 500 calorie diet that they are going on in order to spur on the weight loss. The reason is that the person does have to take in 200 grams of protein throughout the day during lunch and dinner. So how do vegetarians get away with this?

Dr. Simeon’s has said that the diet can be arranged for vegetarians to use with little upset to the balance of the diet. For example, instead of eating the meat portion of the diet, the doctor suggests that the person substitute this for half a cup of low fat cottage cheese. They are going to be getting the protein that they need from this as well as they would from the meat, without having to affect their morals and values. It is also stated that to avoid the starchy items that vegetarians can use those items that are made with soy as replacements in the diet that are going to account for the protein factor in the diet as well.

During the HCG diet when people hit a plateau or if they start gaining weight it is normal for doctor to recommend a steak day in which the person fasts all day and then eats a steak that night. For vegetarians that are experiencing the same problems, they are encouraged to fast all day then eat a soy burger or something along that lines that night to get their protein and to kick the body into losing more weight.

In addition, doctors point out that the vegetarians that are on the HCG diet are going to want to make sure that they are getting enough vitamin B12 in order to make sure that the metabolism is performing as it should. And since these people are vegetarian, then they are missing out on the natural form of B12, which is from red meats and fish. The doctors recommend that patients take this supplement daily in order to ensure success.

There are many forms of the HCG diet that have spurred up as physicians take their own stance on what the patient should do. However, the main HCG diet that is used as the prototype that all physicians refer to is the Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet that utilizes the HCG injections and a five hundred a day calorie intake. Many people have said that this calorie intake is not something that most people should have. However, when Dr. Simeon’s was creating this diet, it was intended for use by those that are very overweight. In addition, to the calorie intake the person does have some other strict rules to follow that were outlined by Dr. Simeon’s himself. So what can you expect if you do the Simeon’s HCG Diet?

For starters, you are going to have limited food choices, for breakfast you are only going to get a choice of tea or coffee, without sugar. However, you can have however much of this that you want throughout the day as well. For lunch and dinner, you are to eat 100 grams of protein in the form of chicken, veal, lobster, crab, fish, or beef. You also get a choice of one vegetable, such as spinach, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage. You get one breadstick and have the choice of fruit, such as a handful of strawberries, one apple, an orange or half a grapefruit. The foods that you are to eat should be prepared in a way that is going to minimize fat, such as boiling or grilling, and the seasoning that you can use are limited. Though lemon is widely accepted, as is pepper.

In regard to other strict rules that are in place, the person cannot wear makeup or use lotions on the skin since Dr. Simeon’s believed that this could increase the amount of fat that is found in the body, especially since animal fat is used in the majority of these products. Even the shampoos and conditioners that people use are limited since they could cause the fats to be released into the scalp. In addition, no massage of any kind is allowed while on this strict diet.

For many doctors, they have changed around the rules to have more calories included in the diet and they may not limit the person as much. However, it is not known if their diets are as successful as the Simeon’s 500 calorie diet. So for those that are really wanting to lose weight, they may want to stick with the original diet plan that has shown results for thousands of people.

Watch the news on any night, and you can see some sort of violence that was put toward a woman somewhere in the world. With the increases of assaults, mugging and rape in the world it is a good idea for anyone to learn some basic self-defense. The problem is finding time in an already busy schedule, but self defense can be turned into your exercise program.

No matter which form of self defense you choose to pursue, they are all some form or exercise. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kickboxing are all very popular right now. Each style has classes available depending on the level of your commitment or on the level of your achievement varying from one to six days a week. You choose the style that fits your time, and your level of dedication. An hour of Tae Kwon do can burn up to one thousand calories an hour, depending on the level of exertion put into it. The same amount of calories can be burnt through kickboxing and karate. A class just three days a week would lose an extra fifty pounds in a year.

Even if you never use your self-defense class to defend yourself, and hopefully you won’t, the knowledge is something that will cause you to walk with more confidence, which is also its own form of self-defense. All forms of self-defense are good ways to build muscle and tone any flabby areas, just due to the nature of movements that are done in these classes. When beginning, you may feel awkward or out of place, but this is to be expected, and would happen whether or not it was self-defense or dance class. In time though, you will fall into the routine.

Taking a self-defense class to lose weight is a great way to develop a new skill, feel more confident and shed any extra pounds.

Some people enjoy hours of jogging every morning. Others love the atmosphere of the gym, and consider it the highlight of their day. However, there are those who really just hate to exercise and both those options just are not anything that will keep them motivated long-term. When thinking about an exercise program for you, it is always best to base it around something you enjoy.

If you like watching “Dancing with the Stars” then consider the best form of exercise just might be dancing. There are classes offered on every different type of dancing, from hip hop, to ballroom and Latin. None of these classes need a partner, but if your significant other wants to join in, even better, now you have an exercise partner.

If your only idea of fun is to read a book, then only buy your favorite series on audio. The only way you are allowed to listen to the book is to be walking. By putting walking with your favorite book, before long you will associate the walking with the book you love, and even if you do not the book will almost certainly keep you motivated. Be sure though to buy the second book before the first is half way done, to keep you motivated to get to the next one in the series.

If you are a competitive person, then there are options for “Biggest Loser” style competitions almost everywhere. People pay a fee to join, and the winner gets the cash. It is also easy to set up a competition within your own group of friends. Set up a weigh in date at the start, halfway through, and at the end. The competition will keep those of you who thrive on it, motivated in the attempt to win. Make the prize at the end cash, or something for sure everyone wants to keep everyone trying to win, but nothing that has to do with food.

All of these options are great ones to think about, or use your own ideas with a hobby you enjoy to turn it into something you could stay motivated with to lose weight.